Maryada Ramanna

Directed by : S.S.RAJAMOULI

I went to see this movie , because of the Director's fame. He is supposedly one of the Hit makers in Telugu. Saw the film , its quiet interesting.
Values of the Movie Maryada Ramanna: First thing that impresses audience during their entire stay with ‘Maryada Ramanna’ is the way of Rajamouli’s narration.  Story by SS Kanchi is simple but the way Rajamouli carved it into a potential block buster speaks his boundless talent. To join him in giving the best ever output is Music Director Keeravani. If songs jelled well in audience with their best timing in the movie, Keeravani’s background score has elevated the movie to new heights. Cinematographer Ramprasad has shown the new skill in the company of Rajamouli. Styling by Rama Rajamouli was timely as demanded by the characters. While Editing by Kotagiri was sharp, ARKA’s production values are good with excellent artistic work (especially the house setting) from Ravinder and neatly done Comupter Graphics.
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