Director: Sargunam
Cinematography : Om Prakash

If U can see Raavanan 1 time , you can see this 10 times !!!
Makes you so happy at the end.
Lovely , new fresh feel. 
Loved this movie.

STORY(beware of spoilers): The story of the movie is entirely based in village atmosphere( around tanjavur district). the story begins showing enemity between two villages.Its obvious to guess that hero and heroin belong to different villages . arike( vimal) being a  crook, passes time with his friends spending lavish money that he demands at home or by many pranks he plays on villagers.  maheswari (helen) is a high school girl, who happens to meet  hero by a chance. The first half mainly shows how love blooms between them with constant dose of comedy between village panchayat( 'ganja' karuppu) and hero's gang.The second half , shows how friction arises between hero and heroin due to his friends. hero changes gradually. Their love strengthens. He wins his love by many difficulities, insipte of opposition from heroin 's brother. The story ends with a nice note of how the villages unite.
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