The Girl Next Door (2004)

Director : Luke Greenfield
Cinematography : Jamie Anderson 

This is one of my all time greatest movies.I love the characters i love the story,no matter how many times i watch it,I'm still left with a great feeling afterwards. It's one of those movies where the good guy gets what he deserves.I really like Elisha Cuthbert's performance.This movie is so funny. It demonstrated a teenager's loving story with two cute porn actress. 
When an average, otherwise loser teenager starts dating the ex-porno-actress that recently moved in next door, he learns many things. One, especially, is that being a professional hump-bunny is no way to make a living, which is strange, seeing how the first half of the movie tries to get you excited with the idea of a human car living fifty feet away. I'll be truthful, this movie is, well, a teen movie. But it's also a teen movie thats actually funny, and actually has a soul, and can actually be identifiable to the audience known as: the human(s). The acting is the movie is surprisingly fantastic, the script is well-written, the humor is smart and carried out fufillingly, and the best part of this movie is that unlike thousands of family movies before it, it actually teaches teens lessons helpful through getting high school.  It's funny, it has a glimmer of cute romance, and it's one of my favorite films .

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