My Name Is Khan

Directed By : Karan Johar

Cinematographer: Ravi.K.Chandran

The film has minor flows but the LASTING IMPRESSION is ,IT IS A MOVIE WORTH WATCHING. In the first half , I felt there’s a little dragging and didnt find a valid reason for Kajol to love Khan . The acting of Khan in the begining was not easily acceptable for me. BUT Later , in the second half the Script took over all the minor problems and was really ADRENALINE pumping. The African Mother & Kid in the church sequence really touched me. The film has a very contemporary theme. I strongly appreciate Karan Johar’s courage to take this theme for the story.The film is really gonna make the WORLDWIDE film lovers happy and satisfied . Congratulations for the whole crew , especially Ravi K Chandran’s cinematography that goes along with the mood of the story. The songs are pleasing too.If u have little patience , its really worth watching My Name Is Khan .

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