Unnai Pol Oruvan

Directed by : Chakri Toleti
Background:His father Mr. Thambu happened to be a good friend of directors like K Viswanath, K Balachandar, Bhagyaraj, Bharati Raja and Jandhyala. He used to help the directors in scripts and dialogues.He acted in the role of a photographer boy in Sagara Sangamam movie when I was about 8 years old .He left for the USA to do bachelors in film course in University of Central Florida. He focussed on technology and vfx while doing film course. He joined Disney and worked in VFX department.Now diected his debt in 2 languages with Multi stars.

Cinematographed by :Manoj Soni

Unnai Pol Oruvan & Eenadu(Telungu version ),remake of the film "a Wednesday" ,is a good film. It is a relevant movie made in unique format ( Red One Camera).
‘Unnai Pol Oruvan’ is a story that revolves around a calamitous day where the entire city is shook with a single call from that starts off the thriller drama. A stranger (Kamal) over the top of under-construction building’s terrace makes a call to city commissioner (Mohan Lal) stating that he has planted bombs at various parts of the city.
Now, it’s up to city commissioner for settling down the backbreaking task. Well, the stranger wants to release 4 most wanted terrorists held as prisoners by the government or else he would blast the entire city.
Since, it’s too difficult to go around the city and detonate the bombs, the police department has to go flexible over the stranger’s offer.
But when the terrorists are released, there’s something more shocking for the cops and as well the audiences
I loved the IIT guy who come toaid the police in decoding the strangers' calls .
A MOVIE that makes you happy.

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