Directed by : BLESSY
Cinematographed by : AJAYAN VINCENT

After along time , I am happy to see a real CLASSIC movie in Malayalam.
The story is about a common man Sivankutty (Mohanlal) , who once served a jail term for a murder which his friends committed at an immature age . He forgive them and started a new life as a jeep driver in High range, after the release from jail , but hid his past life from his wife. On knowing that he was in jail for a murder , his wife leaves the house and commits suicide with his daughter.

The film is Hero’s journey to find his old friends who were the actual murderers, and take revenge on them at the tomb of his beloved wife & daughter.

This is a serious movie , But it has melodious songs and stunts and of course thrilling chases . Mohanlal’s acting is beyond our imagination. The character which Lal played is one who hids a heavy sorrow inside and acts like normal , but there are times when he bursts from his own control.Director Blessy also included his usual preaching in the beginning of the movie ,like the necessity of spending time with children etc.. But after that the movie is on a tight grip.
The camera work is excellent with some brilliant camera movements . I loved the highway hotel stunt, especially its introduction , with Mohanlal calling the villains with his toes.
The locations are exotic . The film was shot in Coimbatore , Marayoor, Nelliyampathi etc… There is a scene where the drunken Lal takes a lorry to the edge of a cliff-It makes us breathless. It was shot in Paruthumpaara.
The only flow was the immature baby artist who played Lal’s daughter. The film also conveys some good thoughts that we have to keep in our mind in maintaining a relationship.

This film needs to be seen & appreciated in theatre , if we need more class films in Malayalam .

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