PIRAVI (1988)

Directed by SHAJI N KARUN
Cinematography : SUNNY JOSEPH
Music : G.Aravindan

The movie is inspired by the 'Rajan Case' that occurred in Kerala during the time of the emergency in 1978. Professor Eachara Warrier's story was the basis of this SHATTERINGLY powerful and TOTALLY TOUCHING Malayalam film Piravi(The Birth), the extraordinary directorial debut of Shaji Karun. Professor Warrier went through the greatest agony a parent can conceive of -- the loss of a child, and that too, not even being able to see his son's body one last time.
In the film , the rain is like the tears of the father.
The relation between brother and sister is also touching (even though the older Raghu,the missing son ,is never shown in the film ). The role of old father done by the actor "PREMJI" ( a very memorable & touching performance ) won him the Best Actor National award. Also this movie won Best Film & Best Director award in the 1989 National Film awards (Golden Lotus) .And MOST IMPORTANTLY this won the prestigious Golden Camera - Special Mention (Shaji N. Karun)at Cannes in 1989. Another major aspect of this movie is the excellent use of silence. The filmmakers used sound & music only where they are needed. The film is produced by the funding of NFDC , and is done with a small budget . This is one example where Budget is not important for making a good movie .

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