13 B

Directed by Vikram K. Kumar

Cinematographed by : P.C.Sreeram

Editor : Sreekar Prasad

Art : Chethan (Asst of Samir Chanda )

A beautifully Scripted movie , well photographed and fantastically directed .
The movie is perhaps the BEST THRILLER movie made in recent times. Special congrats to the Diretor and crew for giving us this movie which is worth watching ...
The work of P.C.Sreeram is fantastic.The ART also needs special mention . I loved the way the directed treated this horror subject , without any ghost images or CG works. Great work by a great crew .
Great news is that this movie rights are brought by a HOLLYWOOD COMPANY for remake in English .A whoping sum of 7 crores is paid for English rights alone.
Nearly 487 prints of this movie has been released .

I give 8.5/10 for this movie
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