Director: Shaji Shyju
Music Director: Mohan Sithara
It was a pleasure to see this movie. After a long time i could see Kalabhavan Mani , Jayasurya taking a light role matching their identity. The film also deals with a variety THEME. Congrats to the writer and Director duo . It is a refreshing movie!!!


The story of Paruthu is by T.A. Razak and direction is by Padmakumar. The film was expected to be a competitor to the already released Mohanlal starring film "Maadambi"
Parunthu has got a straight narration type story without any interesting twists in the plot.


a film by KAMAL

It was a much awaited film , it was thought to be like classmates ,BUT............
I personally feel that the first half of the movie is irritational. The story doesnt move forward inthe first half. all the scenes in first half , that is the character intro could have been more crispier...
the second half has got something to feel satisfied , but average...


By B.Unnikrishnan
This is the comment i heard about this Mohanlal starrer film . and after seeing it I agree that its one of the most awaited performance from Mohanlal. I love the simplicity & Truthfullness in the making of this movie, Congrats to Mr. Unnikrishnan, the Director of this movie. The feudal elder brother who is arrogant later makes us crying . The scene where K.P.A.C Lalitha scolds Mohanlal "Kazhuveridae monae" and his reply to it evokes an unexplainable feeling in us. And especially towards the climax scene where K.P.A.C Lalitha is accepting the death of her husband is truly touching .
all other actors are also to be appreciated in this movie.
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