Directed by JEEVA

Truly a director’s film – That’s what I love to describe this film.

With no Superstars (other than a Super script & Super Technicians) a true SUPER HIT Film. I love this film for its bold treatment ( lovers getting separated is truly a bold attempt, especially in Tamil commercial cinema ), Its especially superb music scoring by Harris Jayaraj , cinematography which gives a truly natural feel, and wonderful performance extracted from newcomers by JEEVA.

A personal note : I have got the luck to work as an assistant with JEEVA in a TV commercial ( Karthika Sheekkai powder ) and an extreme pleasure to be asked to GET OUT !! Though he was strict he was passionate and gave me the valuable lesson of being disciplined in a set . I bow his genius, and truly wish his soul may rest in peace.


Sound of BOOT

Sound of BOOT ; has only asong , no colourfull sets BUT IT IS A GREAT FILM
Congrats to RAJESH JAYARAMAN , scriptwriter and SHAJI KAILLAS the GREAT !!!!!!!!
we loved the Suspense action crime investigation thriller !!!!!!!!!

INDEED A GREAT FILM with minimum resources ............will be remaked in to other languages Lagae Bet ??
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