Calcutta News

with a nothing to do first half , boring sentiments ..... but a GRAND CLIMAX ( Though not very much in tune with the first half )
Can be appreciated for its brave locations , (Shot live in Sonakachii (red Strt )) , BGM , pinnae S.Kumars photography ( Not as good as in Meesha Madhavan )

Calcutta News is giving a Documentary Feel . more than a Feature FEEL .

Love You all
Can watch this film once for appreciating BLESSY' s enoromous Hard work

Of The People

Jayaraj's new film ... Of the people is lacking EMOTIONAT attachement by the audience.
Its cinematography is above average (shot in 16mm by Tanu Balak )
poor scripting and very bad actors (ony relief is the hero Arun ) made this film boring
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