Again another FESTIVAL....
ella FESTIVAL ASMAATHIKALKKUM ...entae aashamsakal !!!!
HAV A Gr* viewing experience


Directed by :Jean-Marc Vallée
The most touching story about a father and son relationship , I hav ever seen.
The fun & difficulties of a large family is shown beautifully , & emotionally .
I love this movie more for its like staying close to my life ..


Directed by P.VASU
It was a SURE SHOT ....and SUPERSTAR proved it !!!
I have never seen Rajni crying so well !!
Applauds to Sreenivasan for scripting this masterpiece !!
It was really happy to see my INSTITUTE in the Rajni Intro song "Cinema ..cinema"


Director: Shaji Shyju
Music Director: Mohan Sithara
It was a pleasure to see this movie. After a long time i could see Kalabhavan Mani , Jayasurya taking a light role matching their identity. The film also deals with a variety THEME. Congrats to the writer and Director duo . It is a refreshing movie!!!


The story of Paruthu is by T.A. Razak and direction is by Padmakumar. The film was expected to be a competitor to the already released Mohanlal starring film "Maadambi"
Parunthu has got a straight narration type story without any interesting twists in the plot.


a film by KAMAL

It was a much awaited film , it was thought to be like classmates ,BUT............
I personally feel that the first half of the movie is irritational. The story doesnt move forward inthe first half. all the scenes in first half , that is the character intro could have been more crispier...
the second half has got something to feel satisfied , but average...


By B.Unnikrishnan
This is the comment i heard about this Mohanlal starrer film . and after seeing it I agree that its one of the most awaited performance from Mohanlal. I love the simplicity & Truthfullness in the making of this movie, Congrats to Mr. Unnikrishnan, the Director of this movie. The feudal elder brother who is arrogant later makes us crying . The scene where K.P.A.C Lalitha scolds Mohanlal "Kazhuveridae monae" and his reply to it evokes an unexplainable feeling in us. And especially towards the climax scene where K.P.A.C Lalitha is accepting the death of her husband is truly touching .
all other actors are also to be appreciated in this movie.


This Magnum opus movie by Kamal Hasan has created more news than anyother movie released recently . There are worhtwhile scenes for this movie , but in total perfection its a bit behind all those hypes created in the media. Especially there are flows in makeup. The script tying up with all the ten characters & tsunami is very good.
Its a good movie if you watch it without much expectations .
Congrats to Kamal Hasan & Ravikumar who completely dedicated a lot of time & effort for this experiment in Indian Cinema

sarkar raj

Another beautiful movie by RAM GOPAL VARMA


film directed by LEO THADEUS

a film thats worth watching!!

this film shows the emergence of a new director in malayalam, mr. Leo .

The film is excelent suspense thriller till the interval ,then it losts the tempo tat was created .The character of Police officer played by NASSER will be one of the best police roles ever in malayalam. Even Sreeni & Padmapriya did good acting . The lil gal was not so impressive. The character intro of Lal was superb. The coimbatore blast seequences showed lack of proper budget & planning. the diversion of story after the interval punch is not upto audience expectations , but ok .

CONGRATS to Mr. LEO , All the BEST for New and better films from u.



Directed by JEEVA

Truly a director’s film – That’s what I love to describe this film.

With no Superstars (other than a Super script & Super Technicians) a true SUPER HIT Film. I love this film for its bold treatment ( lovers getting separated is truly a bold attempt, especially in Tamil commercial cinema ), Its especially superb music scoring by Harris Jayaraj , cinematography which gives a truly natural feel, and wonderful performance extracted from newcomers by JEEVA.

A personal note : I have got the luck to work as an assistant with JEEVA in a TV commercial ( Karthika Sheekkai powder ) and an extreme pleasure to be asked to GET OUT !! Though he was strict he was passionate and gave me the valuable lesson of being disciplined in a set . I bow his genius, and truly wish his soul may rest in peace.


Sound of BOOT

Sound of BOOT ; has only asong , no colourfull sets BUT IT IS A GREAT FILM
Congrats to RAJESH JAYARAMAN , scriptwriter and SHAJI KAILLAS the GREAT !!!!!!!!
we loved the Suspense action crime investigation thriller !!!!!!!!!

INDEED A GREAT FILM with minimum resources ............will be remaked in to other languages Lagae Bet ??

Calcutta News

with a nothing to do first half , boring sentiments ..... but a GRAND CLIMAX ( Though not very much in tune with the first half )
Can be appreciated for its brave locations , (Shot live in Sonakachii (red Strt )) , BGM , pinnae S.Kumars photography ( Not as good as in Meesha Madhavan )

Calcutta News is giving a Documentary Feel . more than a Feature FEEL .

Love You all
Can watch this film once for appreciating BLESSY' s enoromous Hard work

Of The People

Jayaraj's new film ... Of the people is lacking EMOTIONAT attachement by the audience.
Its cinematography is above average (shot in 16mm by Tanu Balak )
poor scripting and very bad actors (ony relief is the hero Arun ) made this film boring
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